Sell your Lock-Up Garages

We are in contact with an extensive network of Landlords & Private clients who are actively looking to purchase further blocks of Lock Up Garages to increase their portfolios and would be prepared to pay an ‘above market value’ price if you were to consider selling to them.

Trust Courtman & Co to find the right buyer at the right price

As we are retained by our clients to find further investments for them they are responsible for our fee, therefore you will not need to pay any Estate Agency sales commission representing a substantial saving for you. Furthermore, our clients would usually appoint us as the managing agent of the properties, meaning any existing tenants can be retained.  

Our clients are not reliant on external funding, and whether you have a single garage block or an extensive lock-up garage portfolio we are able to obtain attractive offers within 48hrs. We will be able to obtain offers on all situations even when there are issues with arrears, where disputes have occurred or there are restrictive covenants on the properties. Our clients would also be interested in small areas of land not suitable for residential development but possibly suitable for the erection of lock-up garages.

We are interested in buying lock-up garages in these areas

Sell your Freehold Ground Rents now – at no extra cost

Freehold and reversionary ground rents are always in demand. Whatever the size, wherever the location, we know the best potential buyers. Our clients are actively sourcing further freehold and reversionary ground rent investments – including yours. Even better, since the commission fee lies with them, we’ll never charge you a penny. 

Reassuringly low risk, reliable and trustworthy buyers

Smooth, hassle-free sales keep everyone happy. We’re confident of our clientele – they have a track record of being established, reliable purchasers. And since they’re not reliant on external funding, sales can progress swiftly.

Need a section 5 notice to serve on the existing leaseholder? Not a problem. Our clients are willing to cover the cost, meaning an even greater saving for you. In some cases, these may not be necessary at all, such as when a property has just been built or if it’s the sale of a company.

Selling FAQs

What are freehold ground rents?

Freehold ground rents are created when a building is built or converted into multiple accommodation units. The individual flats are then sold individually on a lease drawn up by the developer, which can vary in length. The developer (freeholder) retains the ownership of the land that the building sits on and charges the lessees a small annual ground rent.

What are reversionary ground rents?

Reversionary ground rents are where the leases have under 80 years left. There’s a high demand for these types of properties, so we’re always keen to discuss how we can achieve the best price for your property.

Interested in selling your garages? Get in touch now.